ESD Safety Footwear

ESD Footwear are being used as part of precautions to protect sensitive(electronic or electromagnetic) devices i.e. microchips, metal blanks, magnetic tapes, etc. from the effects of Electro Static Discharge. During the production process, a smallest electrostatic discharge can cause invisible damage to these sensitive devices.

ESD Footwear have much higher standard than general antistatic footwear. General antistatic shoes do not provide the proper level of protection required from ESD Shoe. The footwear when their on-state resistance value is between 7.5X105Ω and 3.5X107Ω are classed as ESD Footwear. ESD Shoes should be used when charge has to be reduced by diverting its build-up.


ESD details

Factors influencing ESD

Shoes used for primary grounding have to be selected in combination with the floor covering to be used. The combination of different grounding and sole materials are important for the discharge. Further influencing factors are clothes (under garments, socks, trousers and shirts, etc.), way of touching, movement speed, contamination level and the humidity in the atmosphere.

It is recommended that there should be a new test after every change of the shoe or every time the EPA is entered, if the shoe is used for primary grounding. Improper insoles will change the electrical resistance of the shoe and this will in turn affect the performance with regard to the required standards.

ESD marking

It is recommended to users to make on-site-tests of the electrical resistance of the shoe at regular intervals and to adhere to correct marking.


These symbols are useful to identify ESD Area and Protective products.

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